Saturday, 12 September 2015

A New Start

Well, the last few years have flown by.  I'm told that tends to happen when you have kids, but I guess you're never fully prepared for it.  Anywaaaaaay...

My mini-board as I'd originally planned it never actually happened, mainly because something better came along! My father in law listened to my plans and said "What if I made you a bigger board?"

Well, I wasn't going to say no, was I?

So, a trip to Wickes and a couple of hours in Ted's shed resulted in a 3' x 4' table made up of two locking 2' x 3' boards. I finished them with a bit of flock, and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Once the table was completed, I needed to start gaming.  When I last posted all those years ago, I had a collection of 20mm Vietnam stuff, but I came to the conclusion that I couldn't play the kind of game I wanted to within that period.  I started looking around for a new challenge.  

Chain of Command is a platoon-level skirmish ruleset from TooFatLardies, and is designed to be played with 28mm figures on a 4' x 6' board.  I worked out that if I scaled everything down and used 15mm figures, then my 3' x 4' board would be perfect. At about the same time I discovered the early WW2 figures and vehicles from The Plastic Soldier Company, and so my next project seemed to decide itself - France 1940.

As a result, I have sold all of my Vietnam stuff and I now have a complete platoon each of German and British infantry already painted, along with some supports.  I've even had a game or two.

Here's a quick shot of some of my first efforts, I'm hoping to improve!

Bye for now!

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