Monday, 14 September 2015

Painting stuff

I haven't been entirely inactive over the last few years. Here's a selection of what I've painted, and then subsequently sold.

All of the Vietnam stuff has gone...

 The ACAV's are 1/72 scale  from Britannia, the 
waterline ACAV is a converted Trumpeter kit.

These 1/72 scale M548s are old Liberation resin 
kits, each with a driver from Britannia.

The start of my Spanish Civil War collection has gone...

1/72 Scale Panzer 1s from Minairons.

I also did a few random bits to keep me occupied...

This was a Britannia T-55 in 1/72 scale.  I enjoyed this one.

These were part of a batch of four M5 halftracks 
in 1/100 scale from The Plastic Soldier Company.

It feels like I'm improving.  I hope it looks that way too!

Bye for now.

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  1. Hey, I am trying to get some contact info from you for the Santa Clause 2015. Can you reach out to me at cstoesen at corecard dot com?