Tuesday, 4 October 2016

France 1940 - Progress so far.

I may have been away, but I haven't been idle.  I have been focused on creating forces for Too Fat Lardies' Chain of Command rules, but that has the added advantage of making my forces suitable for Rapid Fire if I ever get a table big enough.

Anyway, here's a little on my progress so far.  I have a reinforced platoon of German infantry in 15mm from The Plastic Soldier Company.

To beef up the platoon, I have heavy weapons support in the shape of an MG34 team, 5cm mortars, anti-tank guns and infantry guns, and an AT rifle team.

Armour support comes in the shape of a pair of Panzer 38t (with more on the way - I'll be able to field nearly a full company).

Alongside these, I have armoured cars and soft-skin transport, a combination of Forged in Battle and Flames of War.  All told, it's a pretty capable force.

Trying to hold them back, I have a platoon of British Infantry.  So far, I have been using Late-War Brits from The Plastic Soldier Company.  I know they're technically not right, but I like them, and I will get round to replacing them with Early-War Brits from Forged in Battle eventually...

To fight alongside the infantry, I have a Carrier platoon from the Flames of War range, and a choice of armour support...

The pair of Matildas are from Flames of War.  The A10 is one of three from Plastic Soldier - this is a CS version, the other two are armed with 2 Pounders. 

Bye for now

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