Friday, 16 October 2015

Resources for France 1940 - Too Fat Lardies

My France 1940 project has taken inspiration from several sources. Today, I want to take a look at Chain of Command from Too Fat Lardies. These are an innovative set of platoon-level rules for World War 2. The core strength of any set of TFL rules is the depth of research that Rich and his team invest in each publication.  The basic rules concentrate on the later WW2 period, but TFL offer some of the best resources in the business.  The first is a supplement called At The Sharp End, which provides a framework within which a whole campaign can easily be created.

The other TFL resource is actually a series of resources.  Twice a year, TFL publish specials that are packed with all sorts of interesting content.  In particular, the Summer 2014 and the Summer 2015 Specials each include a potted campaign for France 1940, designed to be used with At the Sharp End.  

The Summer 2014 edition includes a campaign called Strawberries for Elephants which follows the exploits of the 2nd Durham Light Infantry on the River Dyle that I mentioned in my last post. This time it is covered in more depth with 11 scenarios (more if the first battle is inconclusive). The Summer 2015 edition then looks at the retreat of the Welsh Guards towards Boulogne.  Each of these campaigns provide background, force lists (although Chain of Command doesn't use a points system) and some brilliant maps.  

I can't recommend TFL products highly enough.  The rules allow the player to think about the problems with which a small-unit leader would have to contend, and are also of the right size - I can easily play these games of a 3' x 4' table.

Bye for now.


  1. I have a small table for 15mm under 3' and over 4' - what changes do you make?

    1. Hi there, the only change I make is to the ground scale. Where the rules use range in inches, I halve the distances.

      The only thing to think about is unit frontage. An infantry section might take up 60 metres of space in the real world. If you reduce the ranges in the game, there is a possibility that your section of 15mm troops would be spread too thin.

      Have fun!